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Ropes U - Marceline VQ - January 26 2018


Friday February 24 Edition:

The Physics of Rope Bondage

by Marceline VQ

@marceline_vq instagram

The Physics of Rope Bondage
This demonstration explores the basic principles of mechanical physics as they apply to rope suspension. Topics such as force, torque, center of mass, and torsion will be discussed in theory and demonstrated in practice.  We wish to give people language and understanding of the physical laws that govern their rope skills, and to improve their intuition about the physical scenarios they interact with when they tie.

About Marceline VQ

Marceline began as a rope bottom when she was 19, then quickly developed an interest in the technical and aesthetic aspects of tying. She has been tying, rope bottoming, and self-tying for 3 years, and enjoys creating challenging and beautiful shapes with rope. She has learned from and worked with a number of people from rope communities across the globe, with ties to both the kink and art worlds. Her personal rope philosophy promotes disciplined practice, intentional communication, and, most importantly, enjoyment!


The Space

Euridice Gallery:
Dedicated to refining the shades of contrast.
Finding intersections.
Exploring liminal spaces.
Facilitating transformation and growth.
An elegant space where artists may explore their more primal creative instincts in a civilized manner.
Infinite hardpoints, hashira, horizontal bar, among other unique devices...
Chill out in Elysium, get bent in Infernum.
a full spread of Soft drinks and snacks will be served.


Advance Discount Tickets Available Here
$35 per person,$60 per couple, or $40 per person cash at the door
7:30pm - Doors open for a bit of awkward small talk
8:00pm - Demo/performance/skillshare
Play Party starts at 9pm and winds down at 2am (-ish...)

The iron gates will be closed to revelers at 11pm.
you'll be very sad if you try to come after 11.
Sorry (not sorry)


By invitation only:
Due to space constraints, and to preserve our friendly, polite, gentle, yet devilishly erotic, decadently uncrowded atmosphere, we only invite a limited number of guests for each session.
Sorry (not sorry).

We will not admit anyone who is not on the guest list. You are not a plus one, you are not an accessory, you are not someone's insignificant date. Capisci?
Sorry (not... you get the picture)

So, if we're not already acquainted, send us a private message so that we may become so. Returning guests are always welcome, please RSVP here, on our facebook listing, or by contacting us via private message:

It's not that we want to be assholes, really, it's that we prefer to know with whom we are sharing space. Accountability is a thing. (You're welcome)

Invitations and directions will be sent out the day before the event. It gets tricky the day of...


Ropes U works well because everyone who attends is is on the same page about how to treat one another.

There are no passive consumers here, everyone is an active participant.

Top, bottom, observer...  Equals

The magic only happens when everyone in the room feels empowered.

Take a minute to read, and to think about where we're coming from:

Ropes U Rules and Expectations




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