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Ropes U - A Conclave of Cordage


Friday April 22nd Session:

Presented by Marcuslikesit

Rope skills + Rope Play = Ropes U

Ropes U Curriculum

Now in its 6th year, Ropes U is an intimate rope bondage skills workshop that gently morphs into a delicious play party.

A rope salon unlike any other. Hosted in a spacious private loft specially outfitted for rope bondage suspension and floor play. 7 suspension points, and several unique bondage fixtures...

Here's the rundown:

Doors open at 7:30 for a bit of awkward small talk.
Rope skills workshop starts at 8:00pm sharp. (You'll arrive by 8:30, you're super cool like that)
Play Party starts at 10pm and winds down at 2am (-ish...)

The doors (and Elevators will be closed to revelers at 10:30pm.
you'll be very sad if you try to come after 10:30.
Sorry (not sorry)

$40 per person. 

By invitation only:
Due to space constraints, and to preserve our friendly, polite, gentle, yet devilishly erotic, decadently uncrowded atmosphere, we only invite a limited number of guests for each session.
Sorry (not sorry).

We will not admit anyone who is not on the guest list.
Sorry (not... you get the picture)

So, to be included on our guest list, please RSVP at our or event listing pages or send us an inquiry here on our contact page.  If we're not acquainted please do send us a message and let us know a bit about yourself and your interests so that we are not inviting total strangers into our spaces.   #strangerdangerisrealbadm’kay!

Invitations and directions will be sent out the day before and the day of the event.

More details and discussions about the event may be found in the Ropes U Group: