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Weekly open rope practice space in Brooklyn.

Wednesday Evenings 6pm - 11pm

EXERCEO a place to practice or observe rope bondage in a clean, well-lit, dojo environment

A safe contemplative space to work on skills, practice performance routines, and share techniques.

Dedicated areas for suspensions, floor work, horizontal rattan pole, hashira and quiet socializing.

EXERCEO is not a play party. 
It is not a place for pickup play.
Come with a partner to tie.
Come by yourself to self tie.
Or come to respectfully observe.

Marcus is available for private lessons at a special Exerceo rate, $60 per hour (normally 100 per hour) Contact to reserve a lesson

Rope Teachers may reserve space to teach private lessons$60(includes admission for teacher and up to 2 students) Contact to reserve lesson space

$20 per tying couple
$10 per solo/self bondage practitioner
$20 per observer

Contact to Register

location provided with registration.