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Ropes U - Practicum with Fuoco-


NYC has long needed a venue where people can practice Shibari / Kinbaku and other styles of rope bondage in a safe daytime environment. Ropes U Practicum is an open studio in a beautiful Gallery space with over 20 suspension points, Hashira, babmoo, and lots of other interesting fixures: come for the workshop in the morning if you please, or tie all day at your leisure. There are plenty of sexually charged play parties in the city, this is something different: Think Yoga Studio, or Climbing Gym, or Martial Arts Dojo...



Ropes U is pleased to be hosting guest presenter FUOCO  for this installment of Practicum. Come Check her out Friday night at Ropes U, and then come in Saturday morning for a more intensive workshop and stay all day to practice your new skills.

Fuoco will be presenting a seminar covering BODY AWARENESS IN ROPE with a few helpful exercises, that you can practice in the open lab to follow.
The workshop will be helpful for both bottoms and tops who want to deepen their understanding of their own bodies and how to communicate within the context of rope play.


Doors open at 10:30am
Presentation begins at 11:00am
Open Practicum from 12:00 to 6:00pm

Location given by invitation. Indicate interest with RSVP on Fetlife or Facebook and recive an invitation a day or two before the event

Cost:$40 per person ($20 for those who attended the previous Ropes U)

Dress code:clothes to move in. Think Yoga class comfortable--keep your pants on