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Ropes U - August 11 Edition - A Conclave of Cordage


Friday August 11 Session:

Rope skills + Rope Play =

An intimate workshop that gently morphs into a delicious play party.
A rope salon unlike any other. Now in our 7th year.

The Space

Euridice Gallery.
Elysium and Hades.
24 hard points, hashira, horizontal bar, among other unique devices...
Photography area: pro lighting gear awaits your inspiration. (no photos in communal play areas)
Soft drinks and snacks will be served.


$40 per person
Doors open at 7:30 for a bit of awkward small talk
Rope skills workshop starts at 8pm sharp.
Play Party starts at 9pm and winds down at 2am (-ish...)

The iron gates will be closed to revelers at 11pm.
you'll be very sad if you try to come after 11.
Sorry (not sorry)


By invitation only:
Due to space constraints, and to preserve our friendly, polite, gentle, yet devilishly erotic, decadently uncrowded atmosphere, we only invite a limited number of guests for each session.
Sorry (not sorry).

We will not admit anyone who is not on the guest list. You are not a plus one, you are not an accessory, you are not someone's insignificant date. Capisci?
Sorry (not... you get the picture)

So, if we're not already acquainted, send us a private message so that we may become so. Returning guests please RSVP here, on our facebook listing, or by contacting us via:

It's not that we want to be assholes, really, it's that we prefer to know with whom we are sharing space. Accountability is a thing. (You're welcome)

Invitations and directions will be sent out the day before the event. It gets tricky the day of...