Private Rope Lessons: 4 session package

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Marcus and Darcy-55.JPG

Private Rope Lessons: 4 session package


Learn the ropes in a private intensive session with your partner.

The 4 lesson package allows you to practice and refine skills over time and gain access to more advanced techniques.


A  intensive lesson would be an unrushed morning, afternoon, or evening, 3 hours (more or less as needed) learning some basics, including:

  • Physical and mental risks and risk mitigation, Safety first!
  • Negotiating a scene, setting limits, establishing patterns of communication.
  • Useful knots and frictions
  • Single and double column rope cuffs 
  • Chest, and hip harnesses.
  • Basic theories and ideals in rope, 
  • Communicating intentions with rope, developing empathy for tying
  • Improvisation and flow
  • Rope handling tips
  • Floor work and bedroom bondage
  • Suspension considerations (for more advanced tie-ists)
  • Rope making and conditioning



Sessions are held in a spacious, private loft space or in another mutually agreeable location. Discretion is assured and expected.

The introductory session includes 4 handmade jute ropes.

Discounts packages available for those who would like to schedule more than one lesson in advance, Contact us for more details.

Don't have a rope partner to tie with? With notice it is possible to book an experienced bondage partner to learn with (additional fee applies)

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