Marcuslikesit is the pseudonym for the erotic works of NYC based freelance Artist MOS, a classically trained, internationally seasoned, professional operatic tenor, hereditary craftsman, rope bondage rigger, and accidental photographer.

All of M's creative pursuits have been guided by the idea that conditions of extreme vulnerability can foster a kind of altered consciousness-- an "Ecstatic State" where creative energy flows freely from the source.  When we risk and place ourselves in a state of total vulnerability, we may learn to trust ourselves and those around us, and when we trust, we are free to embody our truest intentions. 

Current projects as Marcuslikesit include:

  • Photographer working in Fetish, Fashion, and Portraiture. 
  • Rope Suspension Performer (fully insured).   Working in a wide range of styles, from fully choreographed theatrical pieces that incorporate elements of rope bondage suspension, live music, opera, dance, burlesque, and cirque,  to free form Shibari/Kinbaku influenced improvisations. From the sacred to the profane (mostly profane).  
  • Rope Bondage Educator and Presenter and kink facilitator.
  • Event Producer,  host of NYC's monthly rope salon: Ropes Uand Co-Director and Curator of The Society of Perversions
  • Stylist: Prop, Set, lighting, and rope stylist and consultant working with  such Photographers as Ellen Von Unwerth, Erik Madigan Heck, Adrian Buckmaster, Gail Hadani, and many others
  • Artisan, designer and maker of fine accessories and furniture finished with a fetishistic attention to detail in Leather, Wood, and Metals. MOS Atelier.

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A ritual cleanse. A trial. A purge. A healing. Transformation. Conceived by: Jessie Oh Assisted by: Marcuslikesit Video by: Paul Terrie Euridice Gallery Brooklyn August 21 2017 Ropes U Presents