A performance piece created by Jessie Oh, with assistance from me.

A cleanse
A trial
A purge
A transformation

The healing process often requires us to grapple with seemingly paradoxical concepts, and is rarely linear.

How may we create a context in which to deal with aggression, violence, abuse, dysfunction, so that we may heal from them, without denying whatever it is that also draws us to them?

How may we acknowledge the past and honor it, while also letting it go?

How may we empower ourselves even as we surrender?

Consent: Given. Earned. Revoked or Renewed again and again from moment to moment.

Filmed at Ropes U at The Euridice Gallery


August 2017

a note:

Please be advised that some of the activities in this video are extremely dangerous, and were meticulously choreographed and rehearsed by professional performers with extensive training and years of experience mitigating risks.