Ropes U 

Is an intimate hands-on monthly chautauqua of rope bondage. A conclave of Cordage. 

Seeking to present, discover, distribute, and demystify bondage and rope handling techniques, borrowing from the collective knowledge of those who come, both to learn and to teach.

The skill share is followed by a ropetastic play party. 

The workshops are open to various levels of experience, accommodating the Neophyte as well as the Nawashi, and without bias to any gender or orientation. (Though douchebags will be heavily discriminated against.)

The Ropes U Campus provides an uncrowded, private yet inviting, fun, intimate, comfortable, environment to explore rope play.

The private space is equipped with miles of rope, multiple suspension rigs, and various deviant bondage fixtures.

Check our Schedule Page to keep up with upcoming events.

Curriculum may include:

  • Safety: Where and Where NOT to tie, aka bondage is dangerous and you shouldn't do it, but since you are going to anyway...
  • Rope "feel" aka "rope empathy"
  • Bondage for pleasure
  • Bondage for pain and catharsis
  • Bondage for Connection
  • Single and double limb ties
  • Bondage for sex
  • Knots: - decorative and functional
    - Non-collapsible locking knots
    - secure quick releases
    - those who tie quickly may impress, but those who untie quickly get more digital stimulation
  • Suspension rigging tips for advanced Rope-ists .
  • Improvisation with rope
  • Using rope as a tool to convey erotic intentions.
  • The rantings of a madman, and much much more.


Most participants bring their own ropes, and like Marcuslikesit, strongly prefer tying with natural fiber ropes, such as hemp, Jute, linen, cotton etc. but those who don't have rope may purchase some of Marcuslikesit's own handspun jute ropes at Ropes U when available.